Lodges Under Other Constitutions

Grand Lodge of Scotland
Lodge Hiogo & Osaka No. 498 Kobe First Thursday 1900
Lodge Star in the East No. 640 Yokohama Second Tuesday 1930
United Grand Lodge of England
Rising Sun Lodge No. 1401 Kobe Third Thursday 1900
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Sinim Lodge Tokyo Third Tuesday 1900
Grand Lodge of the Philippines
Okinawa Lodge No. 118 Okinawa Second Tuesday 1930
Rising Sun Lodge No. 151 Zama First Thursday 1900
Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington
Cherry Blossom Lodge No. 42 Yokota    
O’Misawa Lodge No. 54 Misawa    
Pride of the Orient Lodge No. 55 Zama    
Genesis Lodge No. 89 Iwakuni    
Revelation Lodge No. 97 Yokosuka    
Touchon Lodge No. 106 Zama    
Tomodachi Lodge U.D. Sasebo