Grand Master's Message / グランドマスターよりご挨拶


Fraternal Greetings
In the beginning of my journey as a young Master Mason, there were many things that instilled in my mind and remained in my heart, perhaps it is because of what I experienced in my upbringing and the long journey from my youth to where I now stand. Being a Freemason is full of sacrifices, of service and understanding of human beings, things and places, although very challenging it continue to shape my well being in accordance with what I have learned spiritually and the moral guidance from the great fraternal institution that I dearly love.
The 300 hundred plus years of history in masonry, still continues to make history around the globe and in Japan all lessons derived from the 300 hundred plus years of teaching continue to shape the new generation of Masons in this jurisdiction. I am not a native of this country, but ever since I set foot in this beautiful place on Earth which is now I call home, I appreciate the beauty, the culture and the way of life in this land. The rich history, good and bad like the other country have in common, made me adopt, embrace and live amongst the people harmoniously valuing those important core values that made a difference in the way I deal with people. The Bushido Virtues bridge the gap between myself, the Brethren and the people of this land. Adopting the Japanese Bushido Virtues, combined with the 4 cardinal virtues in freemasonry even better my personal endeavor into ever getting more and more of better man.
I asked each and every of you to keep in your hearts and minds the first lessons the we learned in our first step in Masonry. Remember the 4 cardinal virtues which are Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice, and apply it in our daily lives, and since we are in the Land of the Rising Sun we should all embrace the good traits of the Bushido Virtues of GI, YU, MEIYO, JIN, MAKOTO, and CHU. Replace the word Warrior with the word A Mason will strengthen your moral compass and help more in becoming a more better man.

Integrity and Mercy -   A Mason is acutely Honest throughout his dealings with people. He Believe in justice, not from other people but from himself, courtesy and good manner will always be noticed. If a Mason have the power to command He must know how to demonstrate love, sympathy and affection for others. To the true Mason, all point of view is deeply considered regarding honesty, justice and integrity. These traits is the highest quality in human soul.

Respect – A Mason should respect every person and has no reason to be cruel. He does not need to prove his strength. Sometimes he even need to be courteous even to hose he don’t get along. Because he is not only respected because of his strength in a battle, but also by his dealings with others.

Heroic Courage – A Mason must have heroic courage. It is like living completely and wonderfully. Perceiving what is right and doing it reveals lack of courage. True courage is doing what is right.  

Honor – A Mason have only one judge of honor and character, and this is himself. Decisions he makes and how these decisions are carried out is a reflection of whom he truly is. He must earn the respect of others; it is not given. After respect is earned he can bring honor to his name and good reputation for our institution. The sense of honor, the vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth must be characterized in a Mason.

Compassion – A Mason must help fellow man at every opportunity that he can.

Honesty, Justice and Sincerity – When a Mason say that we will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing will stop from completing what he says, he will do. He does not have have to give his word. He does not have to promise. Reflect on what is fair and uphold the value of upstanding character.

Duty and Loyalty – A Mason is responsible for everything that he has done and everything that he has said, and all the consequences that follow. He should be Immensely loyal to all of those in his care.

The lessons from Masonry combine with the virtues that I mentioned is the direct reflection of all the honor and prestige that I achieved from the love and confidence of the brethren. As Freemasons of Japan we have to carefully emulate the Noble Virtues of Samurai by being a good Mason and apply those virtues that has been practiced for a long period of time. As I said before and I say it again, let us continue to spread Peace, Harmony and Charity.

Yours in Masonry,
Jimmy Vitug Gipson, Grand master 2022




Tokyo Masonic Center
4-1-3 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011